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How do I find a suitable agency?

You can look on the Care Inspectorate website where you can find out about local care agencies or you can consult the yellow pages.

Any agency you choose must be registered with the Care Inspectorate. To check whether your chosen agency is registered with the Care Inspectorate you can check this with them at www.careinspectorate.com

What are my duties if I contract with an agency?

If you use agencies to obtain staff then they may take responsibility for some of the legal employment obligations.  You should check with the agency as to whether they will be paying all tax, NI and pension contributions.  Agencies usually have certain terms and conditions that they adhere to, or you may be able to establish these together. It is up to you to discuss this with them.  It is good practice to draw up a list of your expectations and ask if the agency can fulfill these.  If they can't you may want to look for a different agency or you can negotiate with them.  If you choose to use an agency they are likely to be responsible for contracts with the carers but you may want a written agreement from the agency to make sure you get what you want from them and their staff.  You can check on the agencies registration with the Care Inspectorate by contacting them by telephone or online. If it is found that your preferred agency is not registered you will be unable to use them.

Who do I complain to if I am not happy about the services provided by an agency?

If you are not happy with the services being provided by an agency, you can highlight your concerns to them directly.  If the company fail to respond then a complaint can be made to the Care Inspectorate.

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