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What does the term 'practitioner' mean?

A practitioner is a worker managed by Aberdeen City Council (usually but not always with a professional qualification) who will undertake Self-Directed Support Act 2013 responsibilities.  These workers could include workers from other agencies who are delegated by Aberdeen City Council.  Practitioners are usually a Social Worker, Care Manager or Care Co-ordinator.

What is an Essential Lifestyle Plan (ELP)?

This is a document to record what is important to you and for you.  An Essential Lifestyle Plan will assist in the assessment of your outcomes. An Essential Lifestyle Plan will be completed in conjunction with you, your practitioner and people who are important to you. 

What does support planning mean?

Support planning is the process which follows an assessment.  The individual using using their personal outcomes makes choices which will define how goals will be met and how people and agencies can work together to achieve them.  This will be recorded in a support plan.

What is personalisation?

Personalisation is often confused with SDS because it is an important part of it.  Personalisation means actively involving you in all aspects of assessing and planning, so that everything is based on you, as an individual person.  It ensures that you are involved in shaping and selecting the services you receive, making them tailored for your outcomes.  

What is an advocate and how do I get one?

An advocate is an independent and trained person who provides an objective voice on your behalf.  You can make a referral on your own behalf by contacting Advocacy Services Aberdeen (who are and independent advocacy service).  They work with people using health and social care services. They can be contacted on 01224 332314 or www.advocacy.org.uk.

What is commissioning?

Commissioning is often mentioned when discussing Option 3.  This is the process by which Aberdeen Health and Social care Partnership and Aberdeen City Education and Children's Services contract with providers of services to deliver the required service at an agreed cost.

What is an outcome?

An outcome is defined by you and it is something that is important to you, something that you want to happen in your life.  It is the difference you will see following support plans or interventions.  

What does integration mean?

Integration describes services which are jointly sourced and managed services between organisations (instead of only one organisation being involved).  This is often between NHS and the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership.  

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