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Self-Directed Support in Aberdeen

The Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 came into effect on 1 April 2014. This Act changes the way in which councils deliver social care and support services to individuals, families and carers.

What is Self-Directed Support?

Self-Directed Support (SDS) is the term that is used to describe the ways in which social care services and support will be offered to individuals and families. 

SDS is all about giving individuals freedom of choice so they can get the kind of support they want, where and when they want it. The aim of the new Act is for supported people to be equal citizens with both rights and responsibilities.

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Who Is Self-Directed Support For?

SDS is for anyone who has been assessed as eligible for support services from Aberdeen City Council. This includes adults, older people, children, families and carers. Individuals who have been assessed as eligible will then be given different choices to meet their care and support needs. Information and advice is given to help them choose the best option for them.


Self-Directed Support – The Four Options

There are four options for self-directed support. 

  • Option 1 (Direct Payment)

An agreed personal budget paid to the supported person, into an exclusive account to purchase the support and services to meet identified outcomes. This option is only suitable where there is capacity to manage the budget and support, or where legal powers (Financial and Welfare Guardianship or Power of Attorney) are in place and is managed on the persons behalf. This option affords the opportunity to employ personal assistants directly.

To find out more, read the Option 1 factsheet.

  • Option 2 (Directing your support)

You are in control and make all decisions relating to how and when you will be supported. You will decide on the goods, activities and services you want to access and these will be paid for on your behalf. Your practitioner will explore the available choices within option 2 and help you make an informed decision about what best meets your support needs.

The 2 choices are:

  • A) Aberdeen City Council administers the budget on your behalf
  • B) A 3rd party Individual Service Fund (ISF) administers your personal budget

To find out more, read the Option 2 factsheet.

  • Option 3 (Local Authority arranged support)

You can request the council to choose, arrange and pay for your support on your behalf. Option 3 will be necessary if you do not have capacity or a legal guardian who can make decisions regarding your care and support. 

To find out more, read the Option 3 factsheet.

  • Option 4 (Mix and Match)

You can choose to have control over some areas of your care and support (according to your agreed outcomes) but not other areas. With this option, you can pick the areas you want to have control over and what you want to leave to the council to decide for you.

To find out more, read the Option 4 factsheet.


Where Can I Get More Information On Self-Directed Support?

You can contact your local SDS Team:

  • by phone on 07798647883 or 07917559409 Monday to Friday 9 - 5 pm.
  • by email at sdshelpline@aberdeencity.gov.uk. An automated response will be given. 

We aim to respond to your query within 5 working days.

Where your query is urgent, please contact your practitioner in the first instance.


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